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You Have Been Arrested – Your Future Is On the Line

Nothing is more important than your freedom and your future when you are facing criminal charges.

The State is looking to send you to prison and label you a criminal.

>The Police Officer that arrested you is being paid by the State.

>The Prosecutor that is trying to convict you is being paid by the State.

>The Judge that is presiding over your case is being paid by the State.

>Even the Jury, the people that are going to decide whether you are guilty   or innocent, are being paid by the State.


This is why it is critical that you hire an attorney who is experienced and is not afraid to fight for you and take on the system to preserve your freedom and protect your future.  You deserve the best criminal justice attorney that has a proven track record of winning cases that other attorneys would be afraid to take.  An attorney that will do all it takes to fight for you, because your case is all that matters.

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James Dimeas is a 24-year veteran litigator with extensive trial experience who works on complex criminal cases.  James has the unique distinction of never having lost a case in DuPage County.

James represents clients in cases involving serious state and federal charges, has been featured on WGN News, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, and numerous other publications. James has represented clients in several high profile cases, including a man involved in the Illinois Secretary of State driver’s license scandal, a young man charged with shooting a 16 year old rival gang member on a Chicago street who may have been framed by a corrupt Chicago Police Detective, a father charged with the murder of his 4 month old infant son in Will County, a Chicago Public School teacher charged with having sex with her underage students, a young man in DuPage County cleared of an alleged rape after a jury trial, a man charged with stabbing his former lover in the eyes numerous times and permanently blinding her, a man who was charged with being involved in a murder in the South Suburbs that was covered by the national media, a man charged with the AK-47 shooting of a female friend and the subsequent attempt to burn her body, as well as many other high profile cases throughout Illinois.

James started practicing law in 1992 when he started working for one of Chicago’s busiest Plaintiff’s personal injury firms.  Within a couple of months of becoming a lawyer, James was doing jury trials at the Daley Center, and taking on powerful insurance companies and their experienced and high priced lawyers.

James is licensed to practice in all Illinois state courts, the 7th Federal Circuit Court, is a member of the Federal Trial Bar and has appeared in Federal Courts as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada.

James is also a published author having written Chapter 1 of “Strategies for Defending Identity Theft Cases: Leading Lawyers on Understanding Identity Theft Crime, Preparing a Thorough Defense, and Managing Technological Evidence (Inside the Minds),” a book published by Thomson Reuters, that helps teach attorneys how to successfully defend defendants charged with Identity Theft crimes.  As a leading lawyer, James “wrote the book” on how to defend people charged with Identity Theft crimes and has been contacted by reporters and other authors for his opinion on such crimes.

In 2015 James was extended an invitation to join The National Trial Lawyers:  Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers.  Membership to this prestigious organization is obtained through special invitation and is extended only to those attorneys who exemplify superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence, stature, and profile as civil plaintiff or criminal defense trial lawyers.  This honor is only reserved for the “best of the best.”  James is currently a proud member of this prestigious organization.



With 22 years of experience, attorney John D. Ioakimidis has helped thousands of people avoid jail, criminal convictions and fines. John has been at the forefront fighting to preserve our constitutional rights and freedoms.  He has been lead counsel in numerous cases involving the most serious of crimes. John has appeared on  TV and radio shows, referenced to in newspaper articles, was the featured speaker at Mayor Daley’s Kid Start Program and served as a Cook County Arbitrator.

In 2016 John accepted an invitation to join The National Trial Lawyers. Membership to the Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers is extended only to those attorneys who exemplify superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence, stature, and profile as civil plaintiff or criminal defense trial lawyers. This honor is only reserved for the “best of the best.”

In 2016, John was awarded the “10 Best Clent Satisfation Award” from the American Insitute of Criminal Law Attorneys. Further, John is rated by AVVO as Superb with a score of 9.6/10.00.

John received his law degree in 1994 from the Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. John also received a M.A. in Political Science / International Relations and a B.A. in American Government.

John is often referred to by his colleagues as a “lawyer’s lawyer” because of his in depth knowledge of the law. He is licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the Northern District of Illinois, 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, and all Illinois Court.

The Legal Defenders, P.C.

The experienced attorneys at Legal Defenders, P.C., have many decades of experience taking on the police and prosecutors and helping thousands of people throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to avoid jail and criminal convictions.

The Legal Defenders, P.C., have the knowledge and experience to fight your case and help you preserve your freedom and your future.

We will be on your side and will be there to protect you and will do everything we can to win your case.

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We have helped thousands of people avoid jail, fines or both. In criminal cases winning is not just everything, it’s the only thing that matters!

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We have almost 45 years of experience with criminal cases defending people – we have never worked for the State.  We spend our days in Court — we are aware of changes to the laws and local courts. We know what we are doing!

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Our fees are very reasonable.  We do not bill by the hour.  We evaluate your case and quote you a reasonable flat fee.  Straight talk and fair fees!

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We give you our email and personal cell phone number so you can have direct access to us whenever you have any questions.  We are here to help you!


We only take criminal cases. Beware of attorneys who want to take  your criminal case who are really real estate attorneys or divorce attorneys.  You need a criminal defense attorney when your freedom is on the line not an attorney that does a little bit of everything.  Our attorneys spend 100% of our time handling criminal cases!

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We have almost 45 years of experience with criminal cases — we’ve developed professional relationships with prosecutors and judges which we will use to help you.

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