Over 22 Years Experience, Rated as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer
Over 22 Years Experience Rated as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer

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If you are facing criminal charges, you will be facing the full force of the government. The police are being paid by the state. The prosecutor is being paid by the state. The judge is being paid by the state. Even the jury, the people who will decide whether you are guilty or innocent, are being paid by the state. You need a lawyer who will be on your side. You need a lawyer who is not afraid to fight for you and your future. You need a lawyer who has the experience and the knowledge to take on the police and the prosecutor and win your case.

Keeping You Informed is Critical to Success

We have over 46 years of experience handling criminal cases in Cook, Lake, DuPage and Kane County. We have handled thousands of cases and had thousands of clients. Our experience gives us a unique understanding of criminal cases. We understand the impact that a criminal case can have on you. The criminal justice system can be confusing and can be frustrating for you to understand. We know, from our experience that a client who understands what is happening with their case and is always fully informed about how we are going to fight their case, is critical to the success of their case. If you know what we are doing, and why we are doing it, you can help us with your case. Because we understand how important it is for you to be informed, we make sure to make ourselves available to you and to answer all your questions. We make sure that you will have our personal cell phone numbers and our personal email so that you can contact us whenever you need to talk to us about your case. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it is the best way to make sure that our clients are informed and can help us with their case.

Experience Equals Understanding How the System Works

Our 46 years of experience handling criminal cases gives us a unique understanding of how the system works. Unless you know how the criminal justice system works, you cannot successfully navigate the complexities of a court system that treats everyone the same. Judges and prosecutors forget that not everyone is guilty and deserves to go to jail. We have built relationships with the key people in the criminal justice system and enjoy a great reputation with judges and prosecutors. When we walk into court with our clients, the judges and prosecutors know that you have an attorney that has a good reputation for knowing what they are doing. This can go a long way in giving you an edge up on other defendants who are facing criminal charges.

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Experience Equals Superior Skills

Another advantage to having over 46 years of experience handling criminal cases is that we have established unique skills needed to successfully handle a criminal case. In addition to understanding how the criminal justice system works, we understand the law because we make sure to stay informed and because we handle real criminal cases in court every day. Our advice on the law and on criminal cases is frequently sought out by other attorneys who value our knowledge and our advice. Our experience means that we are able to spot problems with the state’s case early on and work to build on their weakness and exploit their weaknesses. We line up the case early on to set up an attack on the case at the right time. We can spot problems with the state’s case before most attorneys because of our 46 years of experience. By the time we are ready to strike, to win your case, the prosecutors often realize we are going to win and are often willing to back down and avoid the chance of losing their case. This is when our stellar reputation and critical personal relationships with judges and prosecutors comes into play and make it likely that will be able to resolve your case. Our superior litigation skills and unparalleled negotiating skills make it possible for us to win most of our cases.

Award Winning Criminal Defense Attorneys

We are members of the National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers. This honor is only reserved to the “best of the best” and is a reflection of the quality of our law firm. We belong to all the major Bar Associations and are fully involved in our profession.

If you are facing criminal charges you can call us anytime to talk to us. We are available when you need us because we know that criminal charges can happen anytime. If you look at our Recent Victories you can see that we have won cases that most other attorneys wouldn’t even think of taking on. If you look at our Legal Blog you can see that we know the law and know how the system works. Give us a call anytime and you will see what the award winning is all about.

Recent Victories
  • Client Released at Bond HearingMy client was arrested at a local store for Retail Theft on Thursday afternoon. She was taken to the local police station and was charged with a Felony Retail Theft and informed that she would have to spend the night in jail...
  • Court Supervision for Violation of Order of Probation in Dupage County I was able to get court supervision for a client charged with Violation of an Order of Protection in DuPage County in spite of the ex-wife (victim) and the ex-father in law appearing at each court date and insisting that the prosecutor...
  • Conditional Discharge for Retail Theft Terminated Early in Dupage County Our client was sentenced to Conditional Discharge in DuPage County for a Retail Theft. His Conditional Discharge was not scheduled to end until June 10, 2016. We prepared a Motion to request that his Conditional Sentence be terminated early. The Court terminated the client’s Conditional Discharge allowing him to move to Arizona so he can go on with his life and be with his daughter...
  • Retail Theft Reduced to Disorderly Conduct Our client was caught at the self scan check-out at a Walmart not scanning all the items in his cart. The police were called and he was charged with a Retail Theft in DuPage County. The client has a Green Card and has just begun the process...
  • Prevail on Source of Bail Hearing, Bond Posted Our client was arrested by the police and charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver when they seized almost 2 pounds of marijuana and approximately 120 grams of mushrooms from the motor vehicle he was driving...
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