Client gets Probation, No Jail Time for Auto Burglary and Retail Theft Cases!

By: Legal Defenders | Nov 5, 2015 | Recent Victories |

My client had plead guilty and received probation for approximately 7 cases. 4 of the cases involved Burglaries to Autos in the northwest suburbs. The cases received media attention. The other 3 cases involved Thefts at a local grocery store that occurred while the client was on bond for the Burglary to Auto cases. He was caught on surveillance video walking out of the supermarkets with top shelf liquor in his cart without paying for the liquor.  He plead guilty to all the cases and received a concurrent sentence of probation. The client had a drug problem which was the cause of the criminal conduct.  As part of his probation he was required to receive drug treatment.  About a year after he was sentenced to probation I received a phone call from his sister informing me that the client had been arrested on a new case and that the prosecutor was filing a Petition to Revoke his probation on all the cases.  But instead of hiring me to represent him, the sister decided to let the Public Defender handle the cases. About 4 months later, the client’s sister called me back and informed me that the client was still in jail and requested that I represent him.  I appeared in Skokie for him a couple of days later.  I was able to talk to the judge, prosecutor and probation officer, and by the end of the morning, my client had been released from jail and reinstated to his probation.  We had a couple of more court dates and this morning, the judge fully released him back to probation and my client does not have to go back to court until the termination date of his probation.

Since his release from jail, my client married his girlfriend and obtained a full time job. He is receiving the drug treatment he desperately needed and instead of sitting in jail he is working, paying taxes, and is a productive member of society.

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