Conditional Discharge For Retail Theft Terminated Early in DuPage County

By: Legal Defenders | Mar 29, 2016 | Recent Victories |

In June, 2015, my client was sentenced to Conditional Discharge in DuPage County for a Retail Theft. He was ordered to complete the Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program (SWAP), stay out of the store that he plead guilty to trying to steal from, and pay all his fines, fees, and court costs. The client contacted me in March, 2016 and and informed me that he had found a job in Arizona and wanted to move there to live with his daughter. But the terms of his Conditional Discharge did not allow him to move from Illinois while he was on Conditional Discharge. His Conditional Discharge was not scheduled to end until June 10, 2016. We prepared a Motion to request that his Conditional Sentence be terminated early. We had the client obtain a letter from the Sheriff indicating that he completed his SWAP hours and a receipt showing that he had paid all his fines, fees, and costs and proof of his new job in Arizona. We filed the Motion, served copies of the Motion upon the DuPage County States Attorneys office and appeared in court this morning. The Court terminated the client’s Conditional Discharge today allowing him to move to Arizona so he can go on with his life and be with his daughter.

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