Court Grants Permission to Leave Jurisdiction in Retail Theft Case

by Legal Defenders | Jan 30, 2015 | Recent Victories |

Cook County Courthouse California My client was arrested for a retail theft a few days ago.  His first court date is over a month away at the Cook County Courthouse at Belmont and Western.  My client is 69 years old and has no criminal record.  At the time of his arrest, my client had airline tickets to travel to Florida for a week long vacation with his family, just a few days after his arrest.  He had not purchased insurance for the tickets and could not cancel or reschedule the trip without losing out on the money he had spent.  My client had posted a small cash bond and noticed that the conditions of his bond warned him that he could not leave the State of Illinois without permission from the court until the case was over.  I met the client at the Belmont and Western courthouse the next morning, had the Clerk of the Court bring his case before the court and were able to obtain permission from the Court for my client to travel to Florida so he could enjoy his vacation with his family.  My client was grateful because he could go on this vacation without fear of violating the conditions of his bond.  

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