Court Supervision for Violation of Order of Probation in DuPage County

By: Legal Defenders | Apr 14, 2016 | Recent Victories |

I was able to get Court Supervision for a client charged with Violation of an Order of Protection in DuPage County in spite of the ex-wife (victim) and the ex-father in law appearing at each court date and insisting that the prosecutor get a conviction and not give our client a break. In December of last year, the victim had obtained an Order of Protection which barred out client from having any contact with her. Shortly after our client was served with the Order of Protection, he contacted the victim’s father demanding that he pass along certain information regarding legal proceedings involving them. He also posted comments on her Facebook page, all in violation of the Order of Protection. When I first discussed working out a resolution to the case. the prosecutor informed me that she was unable to offer anything other than a conviction and jail time because the victim and her father would not agree to anything less. I began a long process of convincing the prosecutor’s office that our client deserved a break and was able to convince the States Attorneys office to agree to Court Supervision. Our client has been Honorably Discharged by the U.S. Navy having served our country in Iraq and had 2 Purple Hearts. The injuries left our client with some pretty serious injuries which required monthly treatment and daily medication. Faced with this evidence the prosecutor agreed to Court Supervision in spite of the victim’s objection. This will allow our client to eventually expunge this criminal matter if he successfully complies with the terms of his Court Supervision.

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