Criminal Trespass Charges Dismissed in Cook County

By: Legal Defenders | Nov 2, 2015 | Recent Victories |

My client was at a bar near Wrigley Field at the end of the baseball season and was asked to leave by a bouncer after he got into an argument with another patron of the bar.  My client refused to leave after being repeatedly asked to leave. The police were called and arrested my client and charged him with Criminal Trespass.  My client owns his own business in the Loop and sits on the Board of Directors for another corporation.  A conviction for Criminal Trespass would have seriously damaged my client’s reputation and done immense monetary damage to him.

I appeared at Belmont and Western with several witnesses, ready to go to trial. The state was unable to proceed with their case and dismissed the charges against my client. We will now expunge the case and nobody will ever find out about it.

If you are facing Criminal Trespass charges in Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County or Kane County, give us a call.  We Can Help.