Felony Charges dismissed – Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle

By: Legal Defenders | Aug 11, 2013 | Recent Victories |

The police officer that arrested my client was impeached during a Motion to Suppress Statement at 26th and California in Cook County.  The arresting officer claimed that he had pulled over my client's vehicle after observing my client commit a minor traffic violation.  I was able to prove to the Court that the police officer was not truthful.  I was able to locate a police report which stated that the arresting officer never saw my client commit a moving violation. Rather, the arresting officer told another officer he was randomly running plates in a motel parking let when the plates on my client's vehicle came up as stolen. The arresting officer then waited for my client to exit the motel, enter the vehicle and drive away.  The testimony of the arresting officer directly contradicted the statements he made to the other officer.  When I called the other officer to testify, the state realized they had lost the case and dismissed the charges against my client.  My client was facing a substantial mandatory prison sentence because of his extensive criminal background.  As a result of the thorough and skilled legal representation by the attorneys at the criminal defense firm, Legal Defenders, the state dismissed all the charges against my client.

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