First Time Retail Theft Felony Offender Gets Deferred Prosecution Program

By: Legal Defenders | Feb 11, 2015 | Recent Victories |

Cook County Courthouse My 19 year old client was working as a cashier at a major retailer just outside of Chicago.  His employer noticed that he was under-ringing items at the cash register.  The amount of the items was almost $1,000 making the Retail Theft a Class 4 Felony.  My client was arrested and had to appear for a felony Retail Theft charge in the Skokie Courthouse in Cook County.  My client had no criminal record and had made a mistake by doing something that he should not have done.  The employer had surveillance video of the transactions and a detailed confession written and signed by my client. Recognizing that the state had a strong case against my client, I put together a mitigation packet containing letters of recommendation, school report cards and other material in an effort to convince the Cook County States Attorney to cut our client a break. Yesterday, I appeared in Skokie with the client and was successful in having my client placed into the Deferred Prosecution Program. If my client successfully completes the requirements of the program, the charges will be dismissed and his criminal record will remain clean.  After he successfully completes the Deferred Prosecution Program, we can expunge the entire case so it never follows him around and will not keep him from getting a job.

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