First Time Theft Offender Gets Deferred Prosecution in Cook County

By: Legal Defenders | Nov 2, 2015 | Recent Victories |

My client had gone through a messy divorce about 5 years ago. She had custody of 2 high school age children and her ex-husband was ordered to pay monthly child support for both children. After several years of living in apartment buildings, my client was able to save enough money and buy her first home. A couple of months after she purchased the house her ex-husband went back to court and was able to get a substantial reduction in his child support payments. As a result, my client had to get a second job working part-time at a major retailer in Schaumburg. She was arrested by store security after she was caught stealing store gift cards for small sums of money. When she was confronted by security she told them that she was committing the thefts so she could buy food for her children.  As a result of her confession, she was arrested and charged with Theft.

I appeared in Rolling Meadows for the misdemeanor Theft case and was able to persuade the prosecutor to allow my client to sign up for the Theft Deterrent Program, complete 40 hours of community service, and come back to court early next week with proof that she completed all that was required and the case would be dismissed. Once the case is dismissed we will expunge the case so that nobody could ever find out about the theft charges. Our client is employed full time and if her employer finds out about the criminal charges, she believes she would be fired.

Needless to say, the potential consequences faced by our client were devastating.

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