Not Guilty for Delivery of a Controlled Substance

By: Legal Defenders | May 22, 2013 | Recent Victories |

The police had been conducting an elaborate undercover investigation of a drug dealing operation on the west side of the city.  The police would send undercover police officers to an alleged open air drug market and buy drugs. The police had the entire operation under video surveillance.  I originally met my client at his Bond Hearing. My client was charged with Delivery of a Controlled Substance when the police claimed he was involved in the drug dealing operation.  On 2 separate occasions, undercover police officers testified that they approached my client on the street and asked him where they could buy drugs.  They claimed that my client would direct them to an individual standing across the street.  That individual would walk into a small store in the neighborhood and then meet the undercover officer in an alley and exchange the drugs for money. This was a very elaborate undercover operation with extensive video surveillance tapes, audio recordings and numerous search warrants.  My client was on parole at the time of these alleged crimes and was facing a long mandatory prison sentence if he had been found guilty of the Delivery of Controlled Substance charges.  

The case went to trial at the Maywood Courthouse in Cook County.  The trial lasted for several days.  It involved the testimony of numerous undercover police officers, the playing of several video surveillance tapes and audio tapes. However, the state had no direct evidence that my client had any knowledge of the illegal drug activity.  I was able to create enough reasonable doubt that my client was found Not Guilty of the charges.  My client had a parole hold on him, and since he was found Not Guilty, he was released from jail and allowed to return to his family.

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