Not Guilty for Theft of Piano

By: Legal Defenders | Jun 22, 2013 | Recent Victories |

My client owned a business in which he repaired pianos.  He was hired by an elderly couple to repair a very old piano that they had in their house.  My client took the piano to his store and began repairing it.  After numerous delays, the elderly couple contacted the police and reported that my client had stolen the piano and refused to return it.  My client was arrested by the police and charged with Theft.  The case proceeded to trial at the Markham courthouse in Cook County.  I was able, through testimony of witnesses, email messages, receipts and photographs to show that my client did not steal the elderly couple's piano. I was able to prove that my client was actively working on repairing the piano and had been working hard to find parts so he could finish the job. My evidence clearly showed that my client had no intent to commit a theft of the piano. As a result, my client was found Not Guilty of the Theft.  

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