Not Guilty for Theft

By: Legal Defenders | Aug 7, 2013 | Recent Victories |

My client was charged with Theft for stealing inventory from an employer at the Markham Courthouse in Cook County. The State's case was based on the statements of a co-worker made to the police.  It turns out that the co-worker has an extensive criminal record.  In addition, the co-worker had made statements to other workers which showed that he was jealous of my client and had made up the statements he had made to the police. I called several of the co-workers to testify that the accuser had told them he had made up the charges.  Several of the co-workers testified that they told the police about the statements that the accuser had made, yet they arrested my client and charged him with Theft anyway. The criminal defense lawyers at Legal Defenders were able to show the court, through rigorous cross examination, that our client had been wrongly accused of stealing by a jealous co-worker and was found Not Guilty of Theft.  My client had no criminal record and we were able to expunge this matter from his record.

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