Not Guilty for the Felony Charge of Selling Unstamped Cigarettes filed by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office

By: Legal Defenders | July 28, 2013 | Recent Victories |

The police entered my client's fast food restaurant and conducted a search of the kitchen area after receiving reports that the owner of the restaurant, my client, was selling unstamped cigarettes. The police seized over 200 packs of unstamped illegal Marlboro Light cigarette packs and alleged that my client was selling the cigarettes out of his restaurant.  My client claimed that those were his cigarettes that he would use for personal use. The case was prosecuted by the Illinois Attorney Generals Office at the Cook County Courthouse at 26th and California.  The case went to trial. After hearing all the testimony and all the evidence, the Judge found my client Not Guilty.   A pivotal point in the trial was when my client was on the stand and the Judge asked my client if he had his cigarettes with him. My client told the Judge that he had them in his jacket. The Judge asked him to take out his cigarettes.  My client pulled out his Marlboro Light cigarettes.  As a result of the efforts of the criminal defense lawyers at Legal Defenders, the prosecution was unable to prove their case. Restaurant owner found Not Guilty!

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