Not guilty of Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon

By: Legal Defenders | Sep 13, 2013 | Recent Victories |

The Legal Defender P.C. The police, while responding to a call of “shots fired,” saw my client sitting on the front porch of a home with 2 other individuals.  The officer called the individuals over to his squad car and when my client stood up he observed a handgun and immediately arrested my client.  The officer then testified that my client admitted at the station that the gun belonged to him.  The case went to trial at the Bridgeview Courthouse in Cook County.  The judge found my client Not Guilty of the Unlawful Use of Weapon charges and found that the officer was not credible after effective cross examination.  The gun was not found on my client and the officer could not be sure that it belonged to him.  The alleged statement was not signed or recorded and there were no witnesses to any statement made by my client.  My client was a security guard at the time of the arrest and had been unable to obtain any employment since this arrest and was looking at a bleak future.  Needless to say, my client was relieved that he would have no criminal record and would be able to go on with his life without being labeled a convicted felon.

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