Not Guilty of Criminal Trespass in DuPage County

By: Legal Defenders | Nov 18, 2013 | Recent Victories |

Gavel Last week I did a trial for a young lady, who had no criminal record, who was charged with Criminal Trespass in DuPage County.  My client refused to agree to plead guilty in exchange for a minor fine and court supervision. My client demanded a trial and at the end the judge found her Not Guilty and dismissed all the charges against her. After considering the evidence and the arguments the judge granted my Motion for a Directed Verdict and dismissed the charges against my client and found her Not Guilty.  My client will be able to expunge her record and will be able to keep her record clean.  On a personal note, this victory in DuPage County preserves my winning streak.  I have never lost a trial in DuPage County.

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