Prevail on Source of Bail Hearing. Bond Posted

By: Legal Defenders | Jan 6, 2016 | Recent Victories |

My client was arrested by the police and charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver when they seized almost 2 pounds of marijuana and approximately 120 grams of mushrooms from the motor vehicle he was driving. I appeared at the bond hearing for him and the Court set a $10,000 cash bond. The prosecutor filed a petition for Source of Funds requiring that he prove that the money that would be posted for the bond was not drug money. The case was transferred to the Maywood Courthouse for further proceedings. I met with the family of the client and his friends and prepared a Petition to request a hearing to prove that the Source of Bond money was legally obtained money.  I prepared affidavits, obtained bank records, tax statements and other supporting documents to show that the two individuals who would be posting the bond owned their own businesses and had legitimate sources of income. At a hearing that lasted two days, I presented live testimony and the supporting documents to convince the Court to grant our Petition to allow the bond to be posted.  The bond was posted the same day and my client was released from jail that evening.  The client is now able to go back to work and assist us as we come up with a strategy to defend him from the criminal charges he is facing.

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