Probation for Aggravated DUI Terminated Early in Kane County

By: Legal Defenders | Mar 28, 2015 | Recent Victories |

Kane County Courthouse  Kane County IL Courthouse.  My client was placed on 48 months of felony probation for an Aggravated DUI in Kane County.  His probation was scheduled to terminate in November of this year.  My client had obtained a good job in Colorado and was able to have his probation transferred to Colorado.  However, in order to continue to work in Colorado he was required to obtain a work permit from the Probation Department in Kane County every 45 days.  In order to get the work permit he was required to travel to Illinois and physically appear at the probation office. Needless to say this caused an incredible hardship on our client. He is also dealing with some serious health issues which required intensive medical treatment. The client contacted us asking if we could help him.  After speaking to him I immediately contacted the Probation Department and had them notify the Kane County States Attorneys Office that he had complied with all the terms of his probation and immediately filed a Motion to Terminate his Probation early.  I appeared in court in Kane County yesterday and my motion was granted and my client's probation was terminated successfully.  

My client left for Colorado yesterday and his case is now finished and he no longer has to travel back to Illinois to obtain a work permit.

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