Recent Victories

Client Released at Bond Hearing Court Supervision for Violation of Order of Probation in DuPage County Conditional Discharge For Retail Theft Terminated Early in DuPage County Retail Theft Reduced to Disorderly Conduct Prevail on Source of Bail Hearing. Bond Posted Client gets Probation, No Jail Time for Auto Burglary and Retail Theft Cases! Criminal Trespass Charges Dismissed in Cook County First Time Theft Offender Gets Deferred Prosecution in Cook County Retail Theft Case Dismissed for Green Card immigrant 2006 Misdemeanor Unlawful Use of Weapon Conviction Vacated Client Released From Kane County Jail in Violation of Order of Protection Case Theft Charges Dismissed in DuPage County Probation for Aggravated DUI Terminated Early in Kane County First Time Retail Theft Felony Offender Gets Deferred Prosecution Program Permission to Leave Jurisdiction Granted Class X Aggravated UUW Reduced to Class 4 Court Grants Permission to Leave Jurisdiction in Retail Theft Case Violation of Probation for Drug Case Dismissed in DuPage County RECENT VICTORY: Retail Theft Charges Dismissed in Rolling Meadows RECENT VICTORY: Court Denies to Issue an Order of Protection in DuPage County RECENT VICTORY: UUW Conviction Vacated 4 Years Later RECENT VICTORY: Drug Charges Dismissed in Kane County After Motion to Suppress Granted Aggravated UUW By a Felon. NOT GUILTY Verdict Aggravated UUW Charges Dismissed in Maywood Motion to Quash Arrest Granted in UUW Case Not Guilty of Criminal Trespass in DuPage County Aggravated UUW Against Security Guard Dismissed Domestic Battery Dismissed Drug Charges Dismissed Not Guilty for UUW No Probable Cause For Drug Case Not guilty of Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon Not Guilty of Theft Battery Charges Dismissed Not Guilty Verdict for Domestic Battery Felony Charges dismissed – Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle Not Guilty for Theft Not Guilty for the Felony Charge of Selling Unstamped Cigarettes filed by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office Not Guilty for Driving on a Suspended License Not Guilty for Theft of Piano No Probable Cause at Preliminary Hearing for Theft No Probable Cause for Drugs at Preliminary Hearing No Probable Cause at Preliminary Hearing For UUW Prostitution Case-Not Guilty! Not Guilty for Delivery of a Controlled Substance Not Guilty for Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon by a Felon Drug Charges Dismissed