RECENT VICTORY: Retail Theft Charges Dismissed in Rolling Meadows

By: Legal Defenders | Jan 22, 2015 | Recent Victories |

Cook County Courthouse Rolling MeadowsMy client is a Minnesota resident.  She was in town visiting some relatives and went into a Kohl’s in Schaumburg to shop for some clothes.  She was with her infant daughter who was in a stroller.  My client had placed some clothing items inside the stroller and went through the check out lane, paid for a couple of items, and exited the store without realizing that she had left some of the items inside the stroller. She was confronted by store security loss prevention agents in the parking lot, taken back to the store, questioned and the police were called. My client was charged with Retail Theft at the Rolling Meadows Courthouse in Cook County. My client had never been arrested before.  She was in the process of applying for her citizenship so a plea of guilty to a Retail Theft could cause her to not be allowed to become a citizen.  I were able to negotiate with the prosecution and in return for our client performing 30 hours of community service at a not for profit institution, the state agreed to dismiss the charges. Yesterday, I appeared for our client in Rolling Meadows, presented proof to the prosecution that the community service hours were performed and the Retail Theft charges were dismissed.

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