Violation of Probation for Drug Case Dismissed in DuPage County

by Legal Defenders | Jan 26, 2015 | Recent Victories |

DuPage County Courthouse DuPage County Courthouse - IL In 2011 my client was placed on Probation for a Class 1 Delivery of a Controlled Substance case in DuPage County.  Early in 2014, the state filed a Petition to Revoke her Probation because she failed a couple of court ordered drug tests and failed to check in with her Probation Officer for 2 months.  At the first court date for the Violation of Probation the prosecution was unwilling to give my client another chance and indicated that they would be asking the court to sentence my client to 4 years in prison for the Class 1 Felony.  My client had admitted to selling heroin to an undercover police officer and the state argued that she had been given probation by the court over the state’s objection so she did not deserve a second chance. When I appeared in Court with my client in DuPage County I was able to show the court that my client had several events happen in her life, including a pregnancy and a death in the family, and was able to convince the Court to give her another chance to complete her probation.  I appeared with her on several status dates throughout 2014, and shortly after the New Year, I appeared with her in DuPage County and was able to convince the judge to have the Petition to Revoke her Probation dismissed and have her Probation successfully terminated.  If my client had been found guilty of violating her probation, she was looking at a minimum of 4 years in prison.

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